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The pro poker circuit has a long list of successful players, and Chip Jett is one of them. He is quite famous because of his auspicious name and his performance in many of the high-profile plays of the Pro Circuit. Jett’s stakes in the world’s poker travels in the bicycle casino and millions of match poker have made him synonymous with these major events. Chip Jett has accumulated more than $ 1.5 million in tournament winnings as of 2005.

Jett has been collecting awards and titles since 2001. Jett’s greatest accomplishments include his best versatile player award at the 2001 Los Angeles Poker Classic held at the Commerce Casino and being on the cover of the poker summary. Jett considers these achievements his proudest moments of poker. The years that were successful have brought Jett more accomplishments.

In 2003, Jett made it to the final tables fifteen times that he won the champion of the year award. This prestigious award is given to the player who celebrates the best high-profile, large record buy the tournament in a single year. Jett came on 3rd t the 2005 $ 5000 7-card stud event the World Series of Poker. Chip Jett was born in Scottsdale, Arizona on September 22, 1974. He was just eighteen when he learned about poker. One of his pals invited him to check out the poker room at the McDowell’s new-opened fortress casino in Fountain Hills. He lost $ 40 that night but found that he wants to pursue a career in the game of poker.

To learn more about poker, he enlisted in a poker dealer school and after three months, he was handing out and teaching poker in the same school. He got a job at the Fort McDowell casino, first as a floorman and change manager. Finally, he became a business player and kept the job for six years; giving you plenty of time to learn and become an expert in the game. He became famous as the most successful poker player in the city and was dubbed the “King of the Hill” to win three times in the local tournaments. However, realizing that his skills are over the small-time tournaments, chip Jett quit his job at Fort McDowell’s casino.

Chip Jett resides in Las Vegas, Nevada with his wife Katrina, who is an equally-successful poker player, and his daughter. The Jett couple landed on the same final table of the 2005 London Open event held in the old Billingsgate market.

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